Narrow Boat / Boat Mattress (Various Sizes) ROME


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Narrow Boat / Boat Mattress (Various Sizes) ROME

We are suppliers of Caravan, Motor home, Narrow boat,Truck and Boat mattresses. We can manufacture any size required and can also custom make a preferred size, thickness, softness and firmness.
We have a range of mattresses from coil sprung, Pocket sprung, Memory Foam, Reflex Foam and a mixed Hybrid mattresses if required.

This mattress is a soft – medium feel dual layered which means you have both combinations of layers of filling on the bottom as well as the top making the mattress universal, you can turn the mattress over at any time giving you comfort on either side, the mattress consists of thick high density foam and a 1″ (3cm)  layer of cooling gel foam (to keep you cool in the summer months) and a 2″ (5cm) layer of Memory Foam to give you that extra comfort, covered in a soft durable cover that can be zipped off when washing is required.

Please use the drop down tab above which shows various sizes, depths, Just select the mattress that suits you best. Please note we can supply all fitted sheets, mattress protector and other bed linen for these size mattresses if required.

Depth mattresses available
6″ Depth (15cm)
8″ Depth (20cm)
10″ Depth (26cm)
13″ Depth (33cm)

Please send us your required measurements for each side once order has been placed.

All our mattresses are hand made to order and delivery from order can be from 7 days-14 days depending on the size and quality you have chosen.
Your item will be delivered vacuum packed and rolled, please allow 5-8 hours before using to allow the mattress to expand fully.

We are the experts in motor home mattresses and our memory foam technology will have you dreaming of the mattress in your motor home even when you’re back at home. We now have cooling gel layers that add coolness to the memory foam mattress in the warm summer months. The question is whether you want a traditional spring, or memory foam mattress and the latter in our opinion is always the better decision. Spring mattresses can lose up to 16% of their support in the 1st year alone, whereas memory foam will bounce back time and time again. Additionally, traditional sprung mattresses can only be made in incremental sizes. This poses a number of difficulties when trying to manufacture shaped mattresses, such as the ever popular French nearside motor home mattress. As a result, springs are not best suited for replacement motor home mattresses, whereas a memory foam mattress can be made in any size or shape. Additionally, our motor home memory foam mattresses are known for their durability, as well as their ability to offer a solid night’s sleep. Our memory foam mattresses provide the perfect level of pressure relief along with the ideal level of motion isolation to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep.

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